She Shed Decor

By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures. Proverbs 24:3-4

Hi! I’m Lori Kendall and I provide interior decorating services to bring your she shed to life! I work with you to create the perfect space for your needs. I also design to bring energy, feel, and experience within the elements of the room. It’s amazing how one item or the color of paint can transform the way a room feels.

We all need a room of our own to get away from stress, noise, and distractions. Sheds provide a wonderful  small space solution  for work, creativity, and relaxation. She sheds are not only popular, but also functional. In some situations, she sheds can add to the value of your home. My process is to first understand your needs, including how you’ll utilize your she shed and budget considerations.

I love the hunt for the perfect object, color, or furnishing that reflects your individual style.

Everyone has a style that speaks to them and together, we’ll dig into what best suits you! After that, the fun begins! I love the hunt for the perfect object, color, or furnishing that reflects your individual style. Shed decor is like painting on a small canvas. My job is to create the perfect picture for you!

Now, more than ever,  we’re looking at ways to improve and expand our home and space. A she shed can range from small to fairly large in size. They provide flexibility in design and use. She sheds can be designed to provide a traditional office, studio, dedicated workout area, or artistic or craft space. Some can serve more than one function.  Build outs include electrical, drywall, flooring, and enhancements like window sills and air conditioner units. I can provide guidance on the structure in addition to decorator services.

If you’re looking to create a home office, creative or workout studio, or just a place to unwind, I’ll design a space that you won’t want to leave! 

She Shed Projects

She Shed Office

A home office, creative, and relaxing space. With the 1940’s refurbished medicine cabinet serving as a statement piece, the she shed decor has wow factor alongside functionality.

She Studio

A versatile space… a guest house, a girls happy hour hangout, and a place to have workshops to further a health coach’s business.

What She Shed…

“Lori is a talented and intuitive master of design. She listened to my hopes for a She Shed and created a space beyond my wildest dreams. I now have a space that serves many needs. My day starts off on a beautiful note, just by opening the door.”

– Lisa Jackson

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